Sports Massage Balm

100% natural muscle rub for relief from aches, strains and niggles & supporting athletic performance.

Why Balance Balm?

Created by an industry professional, with 25+ years of experience.

The Best Remedy for Sore Muscles

This little pot of magic is perfect for your muscle aches, strains and sprains, and those annoying niggles. Whether you are a sports person, just love being active or needing some relief. Balance Balm sports massage balm is for you.

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Pure and Natural

These exquisite ingredients are sourced from within NZ bringing you quality products with well known healing properties blended together to create a natural body balm you can trust. A variety of essential oils combined with cacao butter, oil of almonds and rich NZ beeswax.

A body balm suitable for all of the family.

Balance Balm
Balance Balm
Balance Balm
Balance Balm

Balance Balm

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Get sore muscle relief and help with sprains, strains and bruises, aches and pains.

Pure 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients:

Almond Oil, Certified Organic Menthol Crystals, Organic Beeswax, Certified Organic Cacao Butter, Arnica, Tea Tree, Clove, Melissa and Wintergreen Oils (less than 1% per 50g), Peppermint and Rosemary Oils.




Absolutely love this product!! It's my new go to for aches and pains, the smell and texture are fabulous. I have a small pot that I keep in my desk drawer at work and I keep a bigger pot at home for the family!!


I've been a marathon runner and avid gym user for many years. I've had a number of injuries and strains, and have used all sorts of anti-inflammatory creams to try and help. I've found Lisa's hand crafted Massage Balm to be by far the best. It's highly effective in the healing of my muscles and doesn't have that overpowering fragrance that most do. I frequently use it on my shoulder, lower back, knees and ankles, especially after a long run. I've given it as a gift to all my running buddies, and they love it too. Thanks Lisa for creating a product that smells so great, and really works.

Lisa H

We've found this balm useful for all the family and keep a couple of jars on hand espeically during the sports season. As a hockey coach I always have a jar in my hockey bag.


Fully recommend this balm, I'm a therapist and my clients love it and frequently want to have their own to see them through between treatments.


This is my absolute go to balm. I use it on any ache and pain after gardening and find it so soothing on my arthritic fingers.

Sports Therapists

Are you a massage therapist, physiotherapist or bodyworker who would like a natural alternative to a muscle balm rub?

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